Fabrico: The ultimate tool for
digitalization of maintenance

Fabrico is a cloud-based CMMS, which manages all the maintenance processes in a production plant by integrating end-to-end maintenance strategies in a lean way.

The solution brings together everything needed to digitalize all maintenance processes in your plant. Fabrico provides tools for preventive and reactive maintenance, backed by efficient ticketing system which provides for the full communication and compliance processes in one plant.

To start getting the best value of all IoT technologies that are on the market, the team needs to move from paper to a digital solution. What makes Fabrico the best is its easy of integration and easy to work interface.

Being a universal maintenance tool, Fabrico is applicable in a wide range of manufacturing industries, including automotive, chemical, food manufacturing, electronics, machinery, mining and more. It is accessible from anywhere in the world via web and mobile applications and with its powerful features, secure access, and easy to use interface, Fabrico is the ultimate tool to help the technical team.
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Allocation of notifications
  • Work cards
  • Task planning calendar
  • QR code scanner
  • Spare parts storage
  • ISO compliance
  • Web, Android and iOS applications
  • Plan, prioritize and assign work orders
  • Fluent team collaboration via mobile apps
  • Assurance to the management that the technical condition of the machines is under control
  • Significant reduction of emergency repairs
  • Reducing the loss of revenue from unplanned downtime
  • 10% increase in production capacity
  • 20% reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduces time for reporting related to ISO 9001:2015

Do you need a CMMS in your plant?

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Key features

Task planning calendar
Provides information on the status of all tasks
Easily move tasks with Drag & Drop functionality
Complete set of filters: by period, machine, task, status, task type, performer
Monthly and weekly view
Print tasks and work cards
Mobile version
Work cards
The head of the technical team may assign tasks
Each team member can monitor their tasks on their own device and in their profile
The manager can create teams for the day when they have common tasks
Time required for a task is monitored to give information about team workload and machines` non-operational time
Spare parts storage
Delivery and storage of spare parts
Writing off spare parts by the responsible technician
Notification of minimum quantity
Possibility for integration with accounting storage
Generate an order request
Management reports
Gives a full picture of the tasks thanks to the planning calendar
Summarized reports on machines, tasks and team
Repair statistics
Machine service history
Access from anywhere in the world

And more features

Connect to a machine
Gives the opportunity to create tasks based on real tonnage or work time
Connect an IP camera
Function for generating a photo from a camera that is mounted to a machine
ISO compliance
Creating reports covering the requirements of ISO consultants
Data science
Once more information is available in the system it can give suggestions
Viber notifications
Make sure employees receive system information on time
Other modules
It is possible to add new functionalities according to the needs of the team
Get an estimate for your plant
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