Do you need maintenance management software?

Every week we talk to dozens of managers who face unforeseen challenges in production. Maintenance teams are often under pressure to successfully increase efficiency, optimize productivity, and reduce costs. In the uncertain times, we are witnessing, the role of maintenance management has never been more important.

Studies show that organizations can save an average of 12 to 18 percent by performing reliable preventive maintenance (PM) as part of their maintenance management strategy. Unfortunately, managers, technicians and operators often face several challenges when trying to optimize maintenance programs - including lack of process knowledge, machine data, time to complete the necessary analyzes, and more. As the title suggests, the effective use of maintenance management software can help alleviate these burdens. That's why we created Fabrico - Software for machine maintenance and repair. The platform is available for use on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is a centralized digital platform that organizes the company's maintenance operations, streamlines procedures, eliminates paper piles, improves team communication and supports cost-effective management decisions. CMMS solutions are a cost-effective and easy way to streamline your operations and improve maintenance efficiency. Fabrico is a state-of-the-art cloud system that combines ERP functionality, can collect information from machine-related sensors, process video data, and use data science and artificial intelligence to perform analysis. The solution is specialized for production companies and is focused on production facilities, as the main module organizes the tasks of maintenance and repair of machines and combines streams of key information about their condition.

The main benefits that Fabrico gives are:

User-friendly software can help with the problem of constantly delaying the schedule and lagging behind tasks and solving urgent and urgent problems and accidents, thus helping to maximize the use of maintenance resources in the most efficient way possible.

Why use Fabrico in your company?

There are many reasons to use a computerized maintenance management program. The main motivating factor - for most companies - however, is saving money. CMMS features allow operations managers to track support activities, implement advanced support processes, automate workflows, and make cost-effective decisions in a way that is nearly impossible without a digital organization. Due to exceptional global economic growth, many operational managers are now under pressure to maintain intensive production schedules and reduce asset downtime by using proactive maintenance strategies. Although it is possible to run a successful support program with clipboards and Excel spreadsheets, it is not easy. Often, without an appropriate asset management solution, support teams find themselves in a "reactive mode" rather than a proactive mode.

Indirect maintenance costs lie beneath the surface, in the form of reduced asset life cycles, high energy costs, lost production, delayed deliveries, inefficient equipment planning and various lost resources. Direct maintenance costs come in the form of labor, materials, contracts and overheads. These are problems that our service strives to solve by making proactive service a realistic, achievable and stress-free goal.

The main functions of Fabrico include:

Task planning calendar Work cards: Spare parts warehouse: Management tools: Unplanned non-operational time costs most plants between 5% and 15% of their production capacity, sometimes even more. If you want to manage this risk in your factory, digitizing service processes is the first step.

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