Our Company

Childish Ltd. is a software development company focused on Python solutions. We provide end-to-end software development services, but we also design, build and manage dedicated teams.

What is childish about us is our creativity and love of learning, anything else we do like real business people and engineers who are passionate about their code.
We master the power of Data science and AI
We are specialized in Python, Python Django, Flask web apps. We have expertise in AI, ML and IoT solutions. To provide end-to-end services we also have strong expertise in Angular and React, as well as very good DevOps experts. We have a track record of successful projects in industries like manufacturing, education, pharma and e-commerce. And we are really good at SCRUM.

We have expertise in web and business applications that require a team of different specialists but ultimately related to Python. Python is one of the most popular programming languages especially because big data processing technologies and the development of AI are gaining popularity.
Not just CSR, we are owned by a charity
The unique feature that help us grow is our talent in recruitment, motivation and talent development. Having an NGO on top of our company structure makes us an employer of choice. The company is designed as 50% owned by one of the most meaningful NGOs in Bulgaria in the recent years – Podarete kniga / Give a Book Foundation. Half of the profits of the company will be supporting the initiative Podari vreme / Give Time.

This is a thing on which we do not emphasize with our clients because services is what matters for them. However, this is an important topic for all of our teammates - we are proud that our work helps other people.


Python Development  
Python RQ
Data science
Internet of things
Industrial IoT
CMMS – computerized machine maintenance solutions
SCADA systems
PLC integration
Video surveillance and analysis
Web Scraping & Automation
NLP frameworks
Frontend Development
Vanilla ES6
UX and UI advisory
Web projects
Product development
Communication platforms
Enterprise solutions
E-commerce development

How we are different

We have focus

We are skilled developers with a focus on Python and all of its huge capabilities. We can tackle challenges, deliver efficiently and work as a partner in your project as if it is our own.
We have expertise

Making sure your project is the best quality, is like building a house - you need to hire the best developers. All our developers have 10+ years of experience in software development and are top professionals in their field.
We are efficient and agile

We are quick in developing because of our flexibility and agility, but not at the cost of quality. You will get the best for your budget. We can comply with your budget and propose a solution that fits within it.
We keep our promises

With our senior developers and managers, we can commit that you will receive what you have ordered. Within all agreed deadlines and peace of mind.


Blagovesta Pugyova, CEO

Blagovesta Pugova is a manager with over 15 years of experience and talent in managing and inspiring people. She has worked as a financial consultant, business development manager, and her last position is Chief Operating Officer at JobTiger. She is also the founder and president of the “Give a Book” foundation.
Andrey Nonchev, CTO

Andrey Nonchev is a programmer with 15 years of experience, mainly PHP and Python focused. He has vast experience in developing CRM and ERP systems. Andrey is a talented manager and has lead multiple complex projects for local and international clients.
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