Handy Inventory Management Features

Enhance your inventory management processes with a comprehensive suite of features, designed to organise sticks, track inventory data and streamline maintenance operations. Take a step towards greater inventory control of spare parts with Fabrico.

Spare parts management and storage

Keep track of spare parts, materials and their storage locations. Easily manage inventory and ensure that maintenance teams always have the right parts available when they need them. From proper labelling and accurate inventory counts to tracking backup parts delivery and storage, Fabrico CMMS software helps you stay on top of effective maintenance.

Spare parts management and storage
Writing off spare parts by the responsible technician

With Fabrico, maintenance technicians can write off spare parts they use during a work order, ensuring accurate real-time inventory tracking and cost control. The QR scanning option in the mobile app helps maintenance teams record parts usage. This allows for transparency when implementing emergency or preventive maintenance tasks and up-to-date inventory data at all times.

Writing off spare parts by the responsible technician
Notification of minimum quantity

Set minimum quantity thresholds for your spare parts inventory and receive notifications when inventory levels are low, helping you avoid stockouts and downtime. By proactively alerting maintenance managers when replacement part levels reach a predefined minimum, our inventory management software helps manufacturing plants reduce lead times for replenishment and maintain uninterrupted operations.

Notification of minimum quantity
Integration with accounting storage

Seamlessly integrate Fabrico with your accounting software to keep track of spare parts inventory and costs in one place. The integration facilitates better decision-making by providing insights into inventory costs, greater accuracy in financial reporting and synchronised stock purchase processes.

Integration with accounting storage
Benefits of Using Inventory Management With CMMS Software

Fabrico's CMMS platform comes with built-in machine and spare parts inventory management software. Having access to asset data helps you build a successful maintenance strategy.


  • Robust asset management


Our CMMS inventory system allows you to connect spare parts to the machines they belong to for easier identification during asset maintenance. You can also indicate the part's exact location so that technicians know where to find it.


  • Full inventory control


Integrating inventory management and a CMMS allows for better control and visibility of assets and stocks. You can use the inventory data to identify trends in material and supply consumption and better plan future inventory needs and costs.


  • Streamlined maintenance planning


Planning and scheduling maintenance activities is so much easier when you have all the necessary critical components readily available when needed. Fabrico's maintenance software monitors your stocks, ensuring that planned and emergency repair supplies are always replenished.


  • Data-driven decision-making


With valuable data on inventory levels, maintenance managers can make informed decisions about equipment repairs. Knowing what's in stock contributes to creating effective maintenance schedules and making sure assigned work orders are completed on time.


  • Cost savings due to reduced downtime


Improved maintenance planning leads to cost savings due to reduced downtime and optimised asset utilisation. Proper planning minimises unexpected failures and reduces the need for costly emergency repairs and replacements.


What is CMMS inventory management?

CMMS inventory management refers to the process of managing and controlling inventory levels and tracking assets using a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). It helps maintenance teams track, maintain and control inventory for their operations.

Can CMMS software assist in managing maintenance inventory more efficiently?

Yes, CMMS software can help manage maintenance inventory more efficiently by providing a tool for stock tracking, demand forecasting, supply replenishment, QR code scanning, inventory categorisation and reporting on replacement parts usage.

How does CMMS track inventory?

CMMS tracks inventory by utilising built-in asset management features within the software. Users can input inventory information, such as item descriptions, quantities, locations, or suppliers. They can also track inventory in real time by monitoring automatic changes in stock levels and generate reports for better decision-making.

Does Fabrico offer real-time inventory management?

Yes, Fabrico CMMS offers inventory management in real time. It ensures accurate inventory counts and allows you to make timely maintenance decisions.

Can Fabrico help manage spare parts inventory?

Yes, Fabrico's CMMS helps tremendously with the management of spare parts inventory. It allows you to track replacement parts' availability, usage and reorder points.

Why should maintenance departments use a CMMS for inventory management?

Maintenance departments should use a CMMS for inventory management because it provides a comprehensive solution that combines asset management, preventive maintenance and stock control functionalities. All this is centralised in one platform.

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