Do I need a barcode scanner to use this functionality?

You don`t need a specific device to use the QR scanning functionality. You can simply use your mobile pohone camera.

Does Analytics page show real time data?

 Тhe analytics page shows only real time data based on your search criteria.

Can Fabrico generate QR codes?

Yes, you can generate QR codes for machines, assets and materials.

What kind of graphs can I use to monitor the activity in my plant?

There are multiple kind of graphs showing downtime statistics and task distribution per type and status.

What is a preventative maintenance system?

A preventative maintenance system is software for planned maintenance that identifies potential issues in equipment, machinery or infrastructure before they lead to costly failures.

Are there any limitations on functional scope for different pricing plans?

No, you can benefit from a wide range of useful functionalities no matter what is your pricing plan.

When should the urgent task get addressed?

Urgent tasks are scheduled for the same day by default. They are marked by a special Warning icon which makes it difficult to miss it.

How can Fabrico help maintenance teams in manufacturing facilities?

Fabrico allows maintenance teams to simplify task management, assign and prioritise work orders, optimise preventive maintenance schedules and effectively react to emergency manufacturing equipment failures.

What is CMMS inventory management?

CMMS inventory management refers to the process of managing and controlling inventory levels and tracking assets using a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). It helps maintenance teams track, maintain and control inventory for their operations.

Find out the answers to your most frequently asked questions about Fabrico, the reliable maintenance software. Find out how Fabrico can streamline your maintenance processes and optimize your operations.

Fabrico runs on the cloud, so there's no need for you to set up or manage any servers. You just need a mobile device or a browser to access it.

Does the price include software updates?

Yes, all software updates are automatically deployed and included in the monthly subscription fee and will not disturb the everyday work.

What is the major goal of preventive maintenance?

The major goal of preventive maintenance is to proactively maintain equipment to prevent failures, increase uptime and extend assets' lifespan.

What is the significance of CMMS reporting in maintenance management?

CMMS reporting enables maintenance teams to make informed decisions based on real-time data, which leads to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Where can I find statistics about urgent tasks?

In Analytics page, there are plenty of graphs showing distribution of tasks types over a selected period of time. You can check the percentage of urgent tasks among other task types.

Can CMMS software assist in managing maintenance inventory more efficiently?

Yes, CMMS software can help manage maintenance inventory more efficiently by providing a tool for stock tracking, demand forecasting, supply replenishment, QR code scanning, inventory categorisation and reporting on replacement parts usage.

What is the significance of efficient work order management?

Efficient work order management allows manufacturing companies to streamline their maintenance processes. A computerised maintenance management system helps allocate tasks quicker, follow their progress and ensure a transparent workflow.

Are there any limitations on number of licenses or users?

Only Free plan is for one user. All paid plans offer access to unlimited number of users and do not limit licenses.

How can manufacturers benefit from using CMMS reports?

CMMS reports can help manufacturers streamline work order management, access equipment reliability and track productivity. With proper visualisation of important metrics, manufacturing plant owners can quickly recognize problematic maintenance areas and improve them.

Are there any additional setup or maintenance fees?

No, everything is included in the monthly subscription fee. You won't have to worry about any additional setup or maintenance fees.

How does CMMS track inventory?

CMMS tracks inventory by utilising built-in asset management features within the software. Users can input inventory information, such as item descriptions, quantities, locations, or suppliers. They can also track inventory in real time by monitoring automatic changes in stock levels and generate reports for better decision-making.

How does Fabrico CMMS help with reducing downtime in manufacturing plants?

Fabrico CMMS helps manufacturers reduce downtime by implementing proactive, preventive and predictive maintenance practices to optimise production line uptime.

What are AM and PM maintenance?

Autonomous maintenance (AM) assigns the responsibility for equipment maintenance to operators. Preventive maintenance (PM) is conducted by maintenance workers.

What role does CMMS analytics play in maintenance activities?

A CMMS plays a crucial role in providing analytics for maintenance activities through detailed reports on maintenance tasks, urgent repairs, downtime due to emergencies, etc.

What measures do you take to ensure data privacy and security?

We employ a wide range of measures, including multi-factor authentication, IP protection, SSL encryption, daily backups across multiple servers and locations, and more. We are committed to safeguarding your data and hold ISO certification to attest to our security standards.

Does Fabrico offer real-time inventory management?

Yes, Fabrico CMMS offers inventory management in real time. It ensures accurate inventory counts and allows you to make timely maintenance decisions.

How can Fabrico CMMS preventive maintenance reduce costs?

Our CMMS software helps reduce costs by automating maintenance activities, optimising repair expenses and reducing costly downtime. It enables maintenance teams to streamline their processes and increase productivity, leading to significant cost savings in the long run.

What makes Fabrico a suitable CMMS for manufacturing maintenance needs?

Fabrico is a cloud-based CMMS specifically tailored to the manufacturing industry. Our software is user-friendly, regulatory-compliant and accessible from any device with an internet connection. It stores important maintenance data that you can use during audits. It also simplifies maintenance planning processes and work order assignments.

How user-friendly is Fabrico's preventive maintenance software?

Our preventive maintenance software is extremely easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. It offers a seamless user experience whether monitoring asset conditions, creating work orders or accessing real-time data. Fabrico's simple maintenance program digitises regular maintenance task visibility, making it easy for technicians to track them.

What kind of support is available for Fabrico users?

Fabrico customers are provided with a dedicated CMMS adviser that can be contacted through phone, live chat, or email support. We are always here to help you out.

What is CMMS compliance?

CMMS compliance refers to using the reporting functionalities of a computerised maintenance management system to adhere to regulatory standards, industry guidelines and legal requirements for maintenance processes. Fabrico's CMMS is IFA- and ISO-compliant.

Can Fabrico help manage spare parts inventory?

Yes, Fabrico's CMMS helps tremendously with the management of spare parts inventory. It allows you to track replacement parts' availability, usage and reorder points.

Is it possible to receive a Fabrico demo?

Yes, you can request a demo by contacting us through the form below.

How does a CMMS help in optimising preventive maintenance tasks?

A CMMS helps in optimising preventive maintenance tasks by providing insights into CMMS KPIs such as mean time between failures and hours spent on maintenance. It also facilitates the development of preventive maintenance plans to minimize downtime.

Why should maintenance departments use a CMMS for inventory management?

Maintenance departments should use a CMMS for inventory management because it provides a comprehensive solution that combines asset management, preventive maintenance and stock control functionalities. All this is centralised in one platform.

How can I schedule periodic tasks?

Fabrico offers great flexibility in terms of periodic frequency. Recurring tasks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with some additional fine tunings based on the ocurrence frequency.

How can the CMMS database support maintenance teams in tracking and managing work orders?

The CMMS database supports maintenance teams in tracking and managing tasks by centralizing the data and providing information about assets, work orders and maintenance schedules.

Can I define in advance when the periodic tasks should stop?

You can define in advance Group end date. This will define the latest possible ocurrence of the periodic tasks from the same group.

Are Fabrico's CMMS reports accessible in real time?

Yes, Fabrico offers real-time reporting, so you can get instant access to up-to-date maintenance data and make proactive decisions.

Does Fabrico CMMS offer a mobile app?

Yes, we offer a mobile app that provides on-the-go access to work orders and real-time updates. The app allows maintenance team members to stay connected and manage maintenance activities from anywhere, enhancing overall effectiveness. They also get instant notifications for preventive maintenance work tasks or emergency repairs straight to their assigned mobile device.

Can Fabrico preventive maintenance software help in minimising reactive maintenance?

Yes, Fabrico's online preventive maintenance software is designed to help minimise reactive maintenance (due to sudden equipment malfunctions). It automates maintenance requests and helps with work order management. By reducing unplanned downtime, businesses prevent expensive repairs and improve overall production efficiency.

Does Fabrico have a maintenance costs report?

We have a Task costs report that shows the prices of the spare parts used for repairing a machine and the time it took to get it up and running again.

Who needs preventive maintenance management?

Preventive maintenance management can be applied in many industries, including:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Food and Beverages
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Metal Manufacturing

Deploying preventive maintenance tracking software can help them streamline equipment maintenance processes and avoid production delays due to machine malfunctions.

Is training required to utilize Fabrico's CMMS reporting effectively?

Оur CMMS reporting interface is designed to be user-friendly. A simple initial familiarisation with the software's reporting features will be enough to get used to the data and gain insights from it.

Are Fabrico's CMMS dashboards accessible on various devices?

Yes, our dashboards are responsive and they visualise on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, facilitating on-the-go oversight and decision-making.

How do I create a preventive maintenance plan?

You can use preventive maintenance software to facilitate the planning and execution of maintenance tasks. Such tools help you schedule maintenance activities, track work orders and generate reports for analysis.

Are there any additional setup or maintenance fees?

No, everything is included in the monthly subscription fee. You won't have to worry about any additional setup or maintenance fees.

What are the technical requirements for Fabrico?

Fabrico runs on the cloud, so there's no need for you to set up or manage any servers. You just need a mobile device or a browser to access it.

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