Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Software

Cost savings

  • Reduced reactive maintenance costs
  • Extended asset life cycles
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Enhanced production efficiency

Increased productivity

  • Effective resource scheduling
  • Less emergency repairs
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved manpower forecasts

Stress reduction and proactive planning

  • Early issue identification
  • Optimised maintenance processes
  • Streamlined preventive maintenance planning
  • Proactive approach to asset management
Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Software
Our Best Preventative Maintenance Management Features

All-in-one preventive maintenance (PM) solution from Fabrico – tailored to your needs, easy to use and intuitive. Your perfect assistant in maintenance operations with robust features.

Generate recurring preventive maintenance tasks

With Fabrico, you can create groups of identical tasks scheduled to repeat at certain intervals. Repetitive tasks are easy to spot in the application's interface. You can apply filters in Calendar to have a full view of the maintenance process. 

Furthermore, Fabrico's flexibility allows you to allocate resources efficiently by assigning specific team members to each repetitive task within a group. This ensures that responsibilities are clearly defined, promoting accountability and collaboration within your maintenance team.

Additionally, you can add to the task creation a checklist, additional files, or any further notes. These features enhance the customization of tasks, allowing you to provide detailed instructions or reference materials directly in Fabrico.

Generate recurring preventive maintenance tasks
Smart scheduling of task frequency

Periodic tasks can be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. Fabrico allows you to schedule every detail of the periodicity rule, such as First date, Group end date, Tolerance, Period type, Frequency and more.

You can even schedule tasks that repeat once in two months every second Tuesday of the month.

Note that all the tasks in the group will be populated until the end of the year based on the given periodicity settings. Afterwards, every individual task in this group could be modified or deleted, as well as the group itself.

Smart scheduling of task frequency
View all Periodic tasks

With the help of Group filters in the Calendar, you can get a comprehensive overview of all tasks planned for a certain period filtered by assets.

Their utilization not only enhances visibility for technicians but also allows managers to assess and allocate resources strategically. By gaining a bird's-eye view of scheduled tasks, management can efficiently plan manpower, ensuring that personnel is appropriately assigned based on skill sets and workloads. This proactive approach minimizes bottlenecks and optimizes resource utilization, contributing to a more streamlined and cost-effective maintenance operation.

View all Periodic tasks
Analyse data with dedicated reports

With robust reporting, Fabrico's preventive maintenance (PM) program allows you to track the health of your equipment over time. This helps you identify potential issues before they become bigger problems and make data-driven decisions about preventive maintenance scheduling tasks.

Fabrico features a dedicated Reports menu that provides management personnel with a centralized and comprehensive view of key performance indicators (KPIs). The Analytics tab condenses complex data into visually appealing charts and graphs, offering an at-a-glance understanding of equipment health, maintenance trends, and resource utilization. This streamlined presentation of analytics empowers management to quickly assess the overall efficiency of the preventive maintenance program and make informed decisions to further optimize operational processes.

Analyse data with dedicated reports
Check the Annual preventive maintenance plan

This report provides valuable insights into the maintenance history of each asset and helps you make data-driven decisions about future maintenance of equipment. It also reveals whether all assets undergo regular maintenance, lowering the risk of unexpected breakdowns and downtime. 

In this view, you have the ability to view and sort machines by location, as well as filter for machines with tasks. Generating an Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan for the following year is as simple as pressing a button. It will automatically generate one for you as long as you have reviewed in detail all recurring tasks beforehand.

Check the Annual preventive maintenance plan
What Happens When You Choose Fabrico's Preventive Maintenance Management Software
  • Put an end to costly repairs and reduce downtime

Our easy-to-use planned preventative maintenance software is designed to eliminate constant asset malfunctions and help you reduce costs. By implementing our CMMS solution, you lower the need for frequent mending, which leads to substantial downtime reduction and cost savings.

  • Manage preventive maintenance operations with ease

With an advanced tool like Fabrico, you empower your organization by modernising maintenance operations. Our intuitive solution addresses your specific maintenance needs. You easily control preventive work decision-making processes. Higher machine uptime due to the right decisions improves equipment reliability. This leads to better overall plant productivity.

  • Keep track of maintenance through planning

By leveraging Fabrico's PM software, you can create a preventive maintenance plan that aligns with your machine servicing needs. Anticipate maintenance needs, conduct planned inspections and make well-informed decisions about production processes. Stay ahead of the game with a maintenance plan tailored to your specific operational standards.

  • Automatically assign maintenance jobs

Easily create work orders and allocate maintenance jobs to the most suitable personnel. Automating maintenance operations ensures optimal resource utilisation and timely completion of servicing activities. You also improve workflow and overall productiveness. Experience the benefits of seamless task assignment and rest assured that all maintenance jobs are promptly addressed.

  • Monitor machine condition for optimal performance

Take the guesswork out of your processes. Monitor and manage assets precisely to sustain optimal operational performance at all times. Our condition monitoring system for predictive maintenance gives access to real-time insights into the health and performance of your machinery. This allows you to detect potential issues before they escalate further. You can verify that your equipment operates at peak performance levels by continuously monitoring machine conditions.

  • Custom reporting to stay on top of key performance indicators (KPIs)

Our maintenance management system offers custom reporting to keep you informed and in control of key performance indicators (KPIs). With tailored reporting, you gain insights into crucial metrics and performance benchmarks that matter most to your business. Our smart reports help you track progress, notice trends and identify areas for improvement. They allow you to visualise and analyse data to support your decision-making process.


What is a preventative maintenance system?

A preventative maintenance system is software for planned maintenance that identifies potential issues in equipment, machinery or infrastructure before they lead to costly failures.

What is the major goal of preventive maintenance?

The major goal of preventive maintenance is to proactively maintain equipment to prevent failures, increase uptime and extend assets' lifespan.

What are AM and PM maintenance?

Autonomous maintenance (AM) assigns the responsibility for equipment maintenance to operators. Preventive maintenance (PM) is conducted by maintenance workers.

How can Fabrico CMMS preventive maintenance reduce costs?

Our CMMS software helps reduce costs by automating maintenance activities, optimising repair expenses and reducing costly downtime. It enables maintenance teams to streamline their processes and increase productivity, leading to significant cost savings in the long run.

How user-friendly is Fabrico's preventive maintenance software?

Our preventive maintenance software is extremely easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. It offers a seamless user experience whether monitoring asset conditions, creating work orders or accessing real-time data. Fabrico's simple maintenance program digitises regular maintenance task visibility, making it easy for technicians to track them.

How can I schedule periodic tasks?

Fabrico offers great flexibility in terms of periodic frequency. Recurring tasks can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with some additional fine tunings based on the ocurrence frequency.

Can I define in advance when the periodic tasks should stop?

You can define in advance Group end date. This will define the latest possible ocurrence of the periodic tasks from the same group.

Does Fabrico CMMS offer a mobile app?

Yes, we offer a mobile app that provides on-the-go access to work orders and real-time updates. The app allows maintenance team members to stay connected and manage maintenance activities from anywhere, enhancing overall effectiveness. They also get instant notifications for preventive maintenance work tasks or emergency repairs straight to their assigned mobile device.

Can Fabrico preventive maintenance software help in minimising reactive maintenance?

Yes, Fabrico's online preventive maintenance software is designed to help minimise reactive maintenance (due to sudden equipment malfunctions). It automates maintenance requests and helps with work order management. By reducing unplanned downtime, businesses prevent expensive repairs and improve overall production efficiency.

Who needs preventive maintenance management?

Preventive maintenance management can be applied in many industries, including:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Food and Beverages
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Metal Manufacturing

Deploying preventive maintenance tracking software can help them streamline equipment maintenance processes and avoid production delays due to machine malfunctions.

How do I create a preventive maintenance plan?

You can use preventive maintenance software to facilitate the planning and execution of maintenance tasks. Such tools help you schedule maintenance activities, track work orders and generate reports for analysis.

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