Informative CMMS Reports

Our CMMS software gives instant access to maintenance reporting data, allowing you to make proactive decisions and meet maintenance requirements.

Gain insights into your maintenance operations

Fabrico provides summarized reports on your machines, tasks and team, allowing you to quickly identify any areas that need improvement and make informed decisions. All generated reports can be easily exported.

Gain insights into your maintenance operations
Spot the frequent offenders

Dedicated graphs visualise the top 10 machines identified as repeat offenders based on the number and total duration of failures. This CMMS report helps maintenance managers make data-driven decisions about equipment downtime and reliability.

Spot the frequent offenders
Easily access repair history data

Fabrico tracks the service history of your machines, making it easy to keep a record of all maintenance and repair work done on them. All machine repair information can be extracted in a user-friendly format.

Easily access repair history data
Data-Driven CMMS Analytics

Identify areas for improvement, patterns and trends with Fabrico's CMMS analytics software. Enhance your maintenance strategies with actionable data.

Monitor important key performance indicators (KPIs)

Downtime and number of stoppages, along with other graphs in the Analytics section, help you assess important metrics and optimise maintenance operations accordingly.

Monitor important key performance indicators (KPIs)
Analyze preventive maintenance efforts

Analyze your preventive maintenance efforts in comparison with a previous period (month or week) to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of your maintenance management strategies.

Analyze preventive maintenance efforts
Track work order completion rates

Real-time data about scheduled and completed tasks help you gather insight into maintenance activities and performance over time and workforce productivity

Track work order completion rates
Comprehensive CMMS Dashboards

We turn maintenance data into comprehensive interactive visuals. All important information is displayed in an easy-to-understand form.

  • Robust data visualisation

User-friendly graphics, tables and charts give a comprehensive view of your plant. With visual clarity of CMMS data, you can easily interpret metrics and identify trends to streamline maintenance processes.

  • Real-time updates

Fabrico's intuitive dashboards and reports visualise data in real time. Our CMMS software allows maintenance managers to quickly react to changes and adjust maintenance needs in dynamic situations.


Does Analytics page show real time data?

 Тhe analytics page shows only real time data based on your search criteria.

What kind of graphs can I use to monitor the activity in my plant?

There are multiple kind of graphs showing downtime statistics and task distribution per type and status.

What is the significance of CMMS reporting in maintenance management?

CMMS reporting enables maintenance teams to make informed decisions based on real-time data, which leads to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

How can manufacturers benefit from using CMMS reports?

CMMS reports can help manufacturers streamline work order management, access equipment reliability and track productivity. With proper visualisation of important metrics, manufacturing plant owners can quickly recognize problematic maintenance areas and improve them.

What role does CMMS analytics play in maintenance activities?

A CMMS plays a crucial role in providing analytics for maintenance activities through detailed reports on maintenance tasks, urgent repairs, downtime due to emergencies, etc.

What is CMMS compliance?

CMMS compliance refers to using the reporting functionalities of a computerised maintenance management system to adhere to regulatory standards, industry guidelines and legal requirements for maintenance processes. Fabrico's CMMS is IFA- and ISO-compliant.

How does a CMMS help in optimising preventive maintenance tasks?

A CMMS helps in optimising preventive maintenance tasks by providing insights into CMMS KPIs such as mean time between failures and hours spent on maintenance. It also facilitates the development of preventive maintenance plans to minimize downtime.

How can the CMMS database support maintenance teams in tracking and managing work orders?

The CMMS database supports maintenance teams in tracking and managing tasks by centralizing the data and providing information about assets, work orders and maintenance schedules.

Are Fabrico's CMMS reports accessible in real time?

Yes, Fabrico offers real-time reporting, so you can get instant access to up-to-date maintenance data and make proactive decisions.

Does Fabrico have a maintenance costs report?

We have a Task costs report that shows the prices of the spare parts used for repairing a machine and the time it took to get it up and running again.

Is training required to utilize Fabrico's CMMS reporting effectively?

Оur CMMS reporting interface is designed to be user-friendly. A simple initial familiarisation with the software's reporting features will be enough to get used to the data and gain insights from it.

Are Fabrico's CMMS dashboards accessible on various devices?

Yes, our dashboards are responsive and they visualise on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, facilitating on-the-go oversight and decision-making.

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