Do you need maintenance management software in your plant?

1. Do you use maintenance management software in your production?

2. Which of the selected functionalities does the solution offer?

3. Are there any features you would like to have?

4. What is the solution you are currently using?

2. Number of employees in the company?

3. Number of machines (approximately)?

4. Number of employees in the repair and maintenance department?

5. How many hours a year is the unplanned non-operational time in the factory?

6. How do you store service history at the moment?

7. How does the maintenance team receive emergency repair notifications?

8. What do you miss most in the operational work on the service?

No, rather you don't need service management software

Congratulations! It seems that your service management system performs the basic functionalities that the technical team needs to work efficiently and optimize production.

Yes, you would benefit from service management software.

Congratulations on making the effort and looking for a solution to digitize these processes that are so important to production. Your company would benefit from the use of service management software. Did you know that annually between 5 and 15% of the production capacity of a plant is lost in unforeseen non-operational time?

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