4 Reasons Why You Need a Computerized Maintenance Management System

4 Reasons Why You Need a Computerized Maintenance Management System

How do you keep your production equipment in good condition? Can you make sure that it gets proper and timely maintenance at any given moment? This might be a tough job unless you are using computerized assistance to ensure the smooth and safe work of your most valuable assets.

CMMSs exist to take care of the effective maintenance and repair works of your equipment and to bring cost reduction, better monitoring and workflow improvement inside your business. Take a look at some points that will prove you need a CMMS, too.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Computerized Maintenance Management System

How it works

Ensuring the smooth work of your revenue-generating assets is vital for your business. When integrating a CMMS into your production the process usually goes through several steps:

  1. Creation of a list of your machines in the software with regular maintenance and service tasks.
  2. Scheduling actual activities for maintenance in time and monitoring and reporting progress by machine operators.
  3. Using management tools to generate statistics and keep track on tasks completion, repairment processes and service history for every machine
  4. Advanced CMMS allows for connection with a given machine and more accurate tasks creation
  5. Ensuring system accessibility via a web-based portal or mobile platform

4. Less paperwork, more accountability

When using software that automates reporting and statistics it is much easier to estimate costs, productivity, the average time between breakdowns and average losses incurred due to downtime. This will give managers and maintenance staff confidence about the assets’ maintenance history and timely service.

3. Better monitoring

A computerized maintenance management system will give you the best overview of the entire data you need to keep your equipment maintained. With the help of a CMMS you can perfectly organize all the information you have about past activities and repairs and also track current schedules and processes estimating future needs, as well. Systems like these allow easy integration with other software such as ERP that help you control all kinds of data for your enterprise.

2. Ease the repairment process

The CMMS software will be keeping historical data about past breakdowns and solutions to problems that have occurred in time. This will help your team to handle emergencies and optimize the maintenance process saving you a significant amount of time and money.

1. Preventive maintenance vs. Reactive maintenance

We cannot even question the advantage of preventive maintenance in terms of costs for the company, potential downtime and losses. Could you estimate how much an hour of downtime would cost your business? How about if you could avoid it?
With the help of a CMMS you will be able to plan and schedule tasks for conditioning your production equipment, minimize breakdowns and avoid unplanned shutdowns. Moreover, this might even prolong the life of your machinery.

How is it developed

Childish.AI developed one of the most advanced innovative CMMS software solutions implementing the latest technologies in the software engineering field. Named Fabrico, it is created for smart enterprises that would like to gain better control over their equipment service and maintenance to minimize risks of breakdowns and production downtime.

Fabrico is developed via Python in order to allow for easy integration with various machines and devices. We are also relying on Angular to provide a user-friendly interface for managers and machine operators in companies. Our next important task is to guarantee a secure hosting environment for storing data and easy access to the application which we have ensured thanks to the AWS Cloud solution.

Not sure how a CMMS would work for your business? Instead of standardized software, we offer a customized solution responding to your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about Fabrico and our custom software solutions.

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