Fabrico at Warsaw Industry Week 2023: A Recap

Fabrico at Warsaw Industry Week 2023: A Recap

In the fast-paced world of industry and innovation, Fabrico continues to make waves on the global stage. The company is now basking in the success of its second expo this quarter, in Warsaw, Poland, where we participated in the renowned Warsaw Industry Week 2023, between October 24th and 26th. This prestigious event, now in its seventh edition, drew thousands of eager business visitors in search of cutting-edge solutions, networking opportunities, and education. Our achievements at this grand event have set the stage for an even more promising future, with plans for the 2024 edition, scheduled for October 22-24.

Fabrico at Warsaw Industry Week 2023: A Recap

Looking Forward

fabrico future

With the successful conclusion of Warsaw Industry Week, Fabrico is now gearing up for more international exhibitions in 2024. Our expansion into various European countries is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to a global audience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Polish representatives for their unwavering support in presenting Fabrico in the best possible light. Furthermore, we express our deep appreciation for our entire team's unwavering commitment to advancing, championing, improving, and promoting Fabrico’s mission to a global audience. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future as we continue our journey to help manufacturers digitalize their maintenance processes. To explore how Fabrico can benefit your maintenance team, you can try our free version.

Event Highlights for Fabrico

fabrico at warsaw booth

With an impressive attendance of over 16,000 visitors in 2022, this year's event was even more grand in scale with nearly 20,000 in attendance from 17 different countries. Our dedicated team had the privilege of engaging with and introducing the advantages of Fabrico's CMMS software for machine maintenance to hundreds of visitors who frequented our booth, many of whom sought out modern CMMS software solutions.

As one of the few international companies at WIW 2023, Fabrico successfully validated the demand for such software within the Polish market. We have already established a client base across various industries, and we eagerly anticipate more clients in the near future. The overwhelming interest displayed by visitors and their genuine excitement about our mission to revolutionize the industry with a single comprehensive solution left an indelible mark.

Revitalizing Polish Industry

warsaw industry expo 2023

The importance of Warsaw Industry Week for the Polish industrial landscape cannot be overstated. Recent data from the Central Statistical Office has revealed a concerning trend of declining industrial production in the country, with a year-on-year slowdown of nearly three percent recorded in July 2023. In this context, the event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo takes on a critical role in revitalizing the sector.

hall b of ptak expo

Warsaw Industry Week serves as a bridge to international contracting, enabling the Polish industry to establish partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors, and service providers from around the world. This not only simplifies market expansion but also secures a more prosperous business future for the industry.

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