Fabrico: Digitalization of the machine maintenance

Fabrico: Digitalization of the machine maintenance

Fabrico is a cloud-based system of the latest generation, which fully digitalizes the activities for maintenance and repair of production machines.

Benefits for the technical team:

  • Supports the teams in the planning and management of repair and maintenance tasks - calendar with planned and emergency repairs, annual service plan, work cards for RMC employees and e-mail and Viber notifications
  • Digitalizes the activities related to the ISO requirements
  • Maintains accurate service information for machine maintenance and repairs, including through an integrated spare parts warehouse

Benefits for the production team:

  • Synchronization of production plans with the time for repair and maintenance
  • A complete picture of the tasks for maintenance and repair of machines
  • Analysis of the time and resources required for maintenance and repair

Management benefits:

  • Reduces non-operational time, repair costs and resulting losses
  • Creates a culture of accountability and control
  • Gives assurance to management about the condition of production assets

Fabrico is a modular system that can be upgraded with additional functionalities according to the needs of the enterprise.

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Fabrico: Digitalization of the machine maintenance
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