Fabrico at Machtech & Innotech 2023: A Recap

Fabrico at Machtech & Innotech 2023: A Recap

The Machtech & Innotech Expo 2023 held at the IEC, Sofia, between October 3rd and 6th, was a resounding success for Fabrico. 

Our booth became a hub of innovation, allowing visitors to experience Fabrico's capabilities on various devices, from laptops to tablets and phones. But that's not all - visitors were able to generate tasks directly from buttons, a feature poised to transform how tasks are managed across industrial plants.

Fabrico at Machtech & Innotech 2023: A Recap

Fabrico Partnerships

We had the privilege of reconnecting with our partners from the Netherlands, experts in advising companies on their digitalization journey - ICB Western Europe. This global collaboration promises exciting possibilities for the future.

Machtech & Innotech Expo Highlights

The numbers spoke for themselves. The total attendance during the first two exhibition days surpassed the figures from the entire previous edition. This edition marked a significant milestone in the expo's history, reaffirming its position as the country's largest dedicated exhibition for industrial machinery, technology, robotics, and automation.

The event was a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving industrial sector. It showcased the latest technologies and brought together professionals who are driving innovation in this field. The high level of participation, both from exhibitors and visitors, underscored the industry's commitment to progress.


Satellite Events and Industry Insights

Fabrico team actively participated in satellite events and engaged with decision-makers in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry. It was a fantastic opportunity to share insights and gather valuable knowledge.
Machtech & Innotech Expo 2023 was an incredible platform to showcase Fabrico's innovative solutions and connect with industry leaders. We look forward to more such opportunities to push the boundaries of industrial technology and automation.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and mark your calendars!
From October 24th to 26th, catch us at Warsaw Industry Week in Poland for more industry insights and innovations!

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