Fabrico webinar: Best Practices and Lean Processes in Maintenance

Fabrico webinar: Best Practices and Lean Processes in Maintenance

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar series focused on the best maintenance practices. Our first webinar "Best Practices and Lean Processes in Maintenance" will be held on May 30 at 4:00 pm EDT.
* The webinar will be held entirely in Bulgarian. 

As a team committed to optimizing maintenance and streamlining processes, we have guest speakers with years of experience in the field to share their insights and knowledge with our audience. Evelina Speri, a lean expert with over 14 years of experience in 3 industries, Boyan Boev, maintenance manager at ABB Bulgaria, and Georgi Uzunov, Maintenance director at Alcomet are the distinguished panellists for the first webinar, and each of them will contribute to the discussion with their unique perspectives and experiences. Together, we will explore lean practices in maintenance and uncover how they can enhance your operations.


Whether you're an experienced maintenance professional or just beginning your journey in the field, our webinar provides a platform for all. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with industry leaders, and enhance your maintenance strategies across your organization.


To register, please use the link here. All registrants will receive a link to watch the live stream immediately before the event.

We cannot wait to see you there and share all the best practices! 🚀


Fabrico webinar: Best Practices and Lean Processes in Maintenance
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