Discover how Fabrico transforms maintenance, leading to a 15% reduction in emergencies.

"Fabrico is a perfect investment for the company - bringing significant savings at a reasonable price.”

"My favourite aspect of this software is how simply work orders can be created, labelled, allocated, and followed through to completion. This makes it possible to guarantee that urgent issues are resolved quickly.”

less emergencies
improvement of response time

Started using the software 2 years ago

ABB Bulgaria, an international manufacturing plant with a workforce of over 1200 employees, sought a digital maintenance solution to address challenges in efficiently organizing maintenance processes. Their motivation stemmed from the need for dynamic, real-time data for the team, and after evaluating various options, Fabrico was their choice.

Referred to other group plants

Collaborating closely, we leveraged our Fabrico SaaS platform and tailored it with upgrades and functionalities specific to their requirements.
Shared tablets were deployed across various areas of the manufacturing department, while the maintenance team mainly relies on the mobile Fabrico app on their phones and smartwatches, empowering the ABB Bulgaria's maintenance team with on-the-go access to the system and real-time updates.

“We are more efficient than ever before”

Since implementing Fabrico, ABB Bulgaria has witnessed remarkable improvements in their maintenance operations. Within just one year, the company has saved valuable time and achieved enhanced data security for tracking repair information.
Notably, emergency repairs have been reduced by 15% within six months, demonstrating the tangible impact of the Fabrico solution.

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