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Company overview

Ameta Holding is one of the largest food companies in Bulgaria, renowned for its leadership in poultry meat production. The company produces a diverse range of high-quality chicken products, including whole, cut-up, size-specific, fresh, and frozen items. Situated in  Razgrad, North Eastern Bulgaria, near the Romanian border, Ameta holding is a fully integrated chicken production company. The company supplies a comprehensive range of chicken products for the domestic market and exports throughout the European Union. Their clientele includes KFC, and they regularly supply customers in Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Cyprus, France, and the UK, with 35% of production dedicated to exports.


Prior to integrating Fabrico CMMS, Ameta holding faced several challenges: 

  • Reporting and Analysis: The company struggled with generating and analyzing reports. 

  • Traceability: Meeting ISO standards required detailed traceability of machine processes, working hours, repairs, and preventive maintenance. 

  • Manual Processes: Work orders were managed on paper, causing inefficiencies and overwhelming managers with paperwork, leading to daily overtime for data entry into Excel.  


Ameta Holding adopted Fabrico, a cloud-based CMMS solution, to address these challenges. Fabrico streamlines machine maintenance and emergency tasks, ensuring cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. The solution integrates end-to-end maintenance strategies in a lean manner, managing all maintenance processes digitally. 

Implementation and Impact

Ameta Holding has been using Fabrico. The decision to choose Fabrico was primarily driven by its robust reporting capabilities, which simplified the entire process. Key impacts include: 

  1. Enhanced Reporting: 

  • Fabrico's detailed and customizable reporting tools allowed Ameta Holding to easily analyze repair costs, and machine working hours, and track team performance metrics. 
  • Automated reports provided immediate insights, facilitating informed decision-making and future planning. 
  • The interactive Analytics Explorer dashboard and primary KPI displays helped oversee plant health and maintenance statistics, identifying trends for enhanced efficiency. 
  1. Improved Traceability and ISO Compliance: 

  • With Fabrico, traceability of machine processes, working hours, repairs, and preventive maintenance became straightforward and quick. 
  • The system ensured all required data for ISO compliance was readily available without additional resources, simplifying the certification process. 
  1. Digitization of Processes: 

  • Prior to Fabrico, Ameta’s holding of modern machines were hampered by outdated, manual processes. Fabrico digitized these processes, streamlining operations and reducing the manager's daily overtime. 
  • Technicians now use workcards created and monitored by the manager within Fabrico, eliminating the need for manual data entry into Excel. 
  1. Warehouse Management: 

  • Ameta Holding utilizes Fabrico's warehouse management capabilities to full capacity, effectively monitoring spare parts turnover and costs. 
  • The system's user-friendly design, developed by technicians for technicians, ensures it meets all user needs, further enhancing operational efficiency. 

The integration of Fabrico CMMS has transformed Ameta’s holding maintenance management, providing a robust solution to their reporting and traceability challenges while digitizing their processes. The detailed reporting and user-friendly interface of Fabrico have streamlined operations, enhanced compliance, and significantly reduced managerial workload. Ameta Holding continues to benefit from Fabrico’s comprehensive maintenance and warehouse management capabilities, maintaining its position as a leader in the poultry meat production industry.  

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